Amalthée was created by a family of entrepreneurs to invest over the long term and grow its financial resources.

New investors that share our convictions have joined this initiative, attracted by its differentiated approach and the alignment of interests between the partners.

Getting to know us

C. Drost, whose family was from the Netherlands and worked in a meat trading company, moved to Brittany in 1969 to develop the family business. After three decades of hard work, the family group was sold in the early 2000's to secure the company's future in a sector experiencing significant consolidation.

The proceeds of the sale were entrusted to various private banks in Paris. Diverging interests and an evident lack of transparency in relations led to growing dissatisfaction. The family then decided to take initiative by developing an approach focused on the long term and on transparency.

Solid experience in financial management combined with the trust of family members naturally led Olivier, one of the three children, to create a fund in 2010. The fund now combines the bulk of family capital within a simple and understandable investment process: high-quality companies that are held over the long term.

Entrepreneurs facing similar issues have been attracted by this transparent and independent approach. As a result, they have gradually joined the venture on the same terms as the first investors.

Amalthée is now a team of four people, three of whom are dedicated to investing for about 20 clients.

Equipe Amalthee - Reunion Olivier Drost - Bureau Equipe Amalthee Gestion

Understanding who we are

Expertise on listed equities

broad and straightforward investment universe

Barriers to entry and exceptional entrepreneurs required

investing in 30 companies selected for the quality of their fundamentals and management

Long-term buy & hold strategy

capitalize on value creation through the power of compound interest

Independent financial analysis

operating on the Brittany coast to escape the short-term logic of markets and the media

Low portfolio turnover

lower transaction costs instead of the widespread trend of applying a speculative strategy

Acceptance of volatility

uncertainty as a source of opportunities, not discomfort

Practical approach

low investment constraints allowing for flexible allocation

Transparent investment vehicle

single fund offering the same performance to all co-investors, without variable fees or preferred shares

Experienced team

avid readers, believers in the concept of delayed gratification


Olivier Drost

Olivier Drost

Founder of Amalthée in 2010

Amalthée’s founder

17 years of experience

Christophe Blanchut

Christophe Blanchut

Analyst – Portfolio Manager

Joined the Amalthée team in 2014

14 years of experience

Marie-Laure Agaesse

Marie-Laure Agaesse

Chief Administrative Officer

Joined the Amalthée team in 2016

8 years of experience

Nicolas Mustière

Nicolas Mustière

Analyst – Portfolio Manager

Joined the Amalthée team in 2020

19 years of experience

Amalthée Partners

Net Asset Value on 7 June 2024 : 2'759.62 €

Our investment philosophy:





Without conflicts of interest



Fund characteristics:

Type: SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable, Open-ended collective investment scheme) not eligible for PEA (Plan d’épargne d’entreprise, French equity savings plan)

ISIN Code: FR0010905166

Inception date: 18 June 2010

Valuation: weekly

Minimum subscription amount: €125,000

Entry/exit charges: None

Annual management fee: 1.5% inclusive of tax

Variable management fees: None

Turnover fees: None

Custodian: Caceis Bank


KID-Prospectus (document in French)

Net Asset Values - Past performance - Performance scenarios

Our annual letter to our investors, the latest management report and monthly reports are available on request by email at:

The prospectus of the Amalthée Partners SICAV was updated on December 19, 2023 and includes in particular clarifications on the equity investment universe, as well as a mention relating to the the absence of gates.
We encourage you to read the amended prospectus on our website.


Subscription ban for Russian and Belarusian nationals:
In view of the provisions of EU Regulation No. 833/2014, the subscription of units of the fund managed by Amalthée Gestion is prohibited for any Russian or Belarusian national, any natural person residing in Russia or Belarus or any legal person, entity or body established in Russia or Belarus except for nationals of a Member State and natural persons holding a temporary or permanent residence permit in a Member State.

Regulatory information

Information letter dated 23 June 2022

In accordance with the Regulation, Amalthée Gestion sent the following letter, informing the shareholders of the SICAV about the change of depositary/custodian bank taking place on July 25, 2022.

Download (document in French)

Engagement and Voting policy

In accordance with Article L533-22 and R533-16 of the French Code monétaire et financier, Amalthée Gestion has established an engagement and voting policy which outlines the conditions under which it intends to exercise the voting rights attached to the financial instruments held in its portfolio.

Download (document in French)

Report on the implementation of the engagement and voting policy

In accordance with Article 321-133 of the AMF's General Regulation, Amalthée Gestion draws up a report which outlines the application of its engagement and voting policy during the financial year ended.

Download (document in French)

Conflicts of interest policy

The purpose of this document is to present the framework for preventing and managing conflicts of interest adopted by Amalthée Gestion as part of the investment services offered to its clients.

Download (document in French)

Best selection/execution policy

As part of our obligation to act in the best interests of the fund we manage, we select intermediaries that have taken all reasonable steps to achieve the best possible results when executing orders on our behalf.

Download (document in French)

Customer claims procedure

In accordance with regulations, Amalthée Gestion's customer claims procedure is presented below.

Download (document in French)

No consideration of adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

In accordance with regulations, the 'No consideration of adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors' Statement is presented below.

Download (document in French)

Compensation policy

In accordance with regulations, Amalthée Gestion's remuneration policy is presented below.

Download (document in French)

Article 29 of the Energy-Climate Law

In accordance with regulations, Amalthée Gestion draws up a report on implementation of the article 29 of the 2019 Energy-Climate law

Download (document in French)

Legal Disclaimer

Legal information about the company

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Protection of personal data

As part of our business relationships, we collect, process and store information about you.

Personal data that you transmit to us in the course of our business are collected and processed by Christophe Blanchut as Data Controller within the meaning of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal data are collected, as the case may be, on different legal bases (your consent, contractual necessity, compliance with a legal obligation and/or the legitimate interest of the Data Controller).

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